URGENT: Tell Congress 82% of Americans support natural health

The following message is from Paola Brown, President of Americans for Homeopathy Choice. We felt it important to add it to Homeopathy of Delaware blog.

A recent poll carried out by the nationally respected Marist Institute for Public Opinion, home of the Marist Poll, found that 82 percent of American adults use homeopathic medicines, dietary supplements, or other natural remedies.

That’s an astounding number and the highest we have ever seen. That’s why it’s crucial that we let Congress know just how much Americans value their access to natural health.

You can let your members of Congress in the House and the Senate know about this poll and our proposals for maintaining access to the full range of homeopathic medicines. Just click on the button below and follow the directions:

When you give us a little information about where you live, we’ll match you to the right member of Congress and your U.S. Senators. Then you can send a ready-made message to let them know about the poll and our proposals.

The trend is clear. Americans want access to natural health options. If we want Congress to protect that access, we have to let them know how much it matters and how many of us there are.

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