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—TOPICS 2018—

  • SEP 5 — Using Homeopathy to Help with Depression
  • OCT 3 — How to Use the Top 10 Homeopathic First Aid Remedies
  • NOV 7 — Understanding a Person’s Symptoms Using Homeopathic Methods

—TOPICS 2019—

  • JAN 2 — Choosing a Homeopathic Remedy for Your Acute Symptoms
  • FEB 6 — Healing Your Cough with Homeopathy
  • MAR 6 — Natural Healing of Gastrointestinal Problems with Homeopathy
  • APR 3 — Get a Better Night’s Sleep with Natural Homeopathic Remedies
  • MAY 1 — Vital Force – The Self-Healing Power in our Body

Vital Force – The Self-Healing Power in our Body

May 1st, 2019 (6:30pm – 8:00pm)
Newark Senior Center
Speaker: Afreen Kazi


Vital Force is an important topic for anybody who is interested in homeopathy.

Vital force is an invisible, dynamic force that animates our physical body. It maintains harmony among all the normal functions of our body, like digestion, respiration, circulation, excretion and so on…

The human body is said to be in good health, in balance when the vital force is intact.

So what is illness?

Vital force is said to be deranged when external forces like physical or emotional trauma or micro-organisms attack our body, making it sick/ill.

How the vital force handles the trauma of the above external influences and how the homeopathic medicines help the vital force to come back to its normal rhythm will be discussed in our meeting on May 1.

About the speaker, Afreen Kazi:
Afreen Kazi has graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in Homeopathy from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences,India.

She has worked as professor in Homeopathic College where she taught Organon of Medicine, a subject in Homeopathy.

She has worked as an Assistant Homeopath in her initial days of practice.

She has seen Homeopathy doing wonders on cases like chronic tonsillitis, warts, chronic cold and cough, infertility, menstrual problems etc.

Now she is practicing Classical Homeopathy in Newark,Delaware.

Location of meeting:
Newark Senior Center
200 Whitechapel Dr
Newark, DE 19713

Entrance is in the back of the building. We will be in Classroom 3.

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