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Help Me Understand Homeopathy – A Video for You (10/18/2017)

We realize that understanding Homeopathy can be a challenge, albeit a very rewarding one, as we are asked to suspend our concepts of a conventional medical system which attempts to make us ‘healthy’ by covering up and suppressing symptoms.

Instead, we learn that the system of medicine called Homeopathy stimulates our body to heal itself – resolve and cure illness. It does not do this by masking or suppressing symptoms !

Curiously, we learn that Homeopathy safely promotes healing of our acute and chronic illnesses, as well as those of our pets, without side effects !

Even though some of us may have never heard of Homeopathy, we learn it is used by millions worldwide.  Bringing it closer to home – in the US, the FDA regulates the manufacture of homeopathic remedies (medicines) that can be found listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States.

We think you will be enlightened when you watch this fascinating 7 minute video, What is Homeopathy It is the first of a few videos we will be posting.

Then come to one of our meetings to make it your own. Get proficient at using homeopathy at home for simple injury and illness.

Video – “What is Homeopathy” by Mani Norland (Principal of School of Homeopathy, United Kingdom)