More Natural Sources for Healthy Dental Care

Homeopathy Delaware was host to several eager attendees who braved the cold to come learn about healthy choices in dental care through homeopathy on the evening of January 3, 2018.

Time allowed but for limited mention of additional important topics surrounding dental care. I would like to highlight them in this blog and give you resources for further enquiry.


Perhaps you have been exposed to the controversy over fluoridated water, toothpaste and infant’s liquid vitamin drops. Fluoride occurs naturally on our planet. Its history of being harnessed for prevention of tooth decay involves politics, money and so – called scientific research. In our present time, evidence based research and other research indicates risks of ingesting fluoride in drinking water and oral products.

  1. Accelerated Aging
  2. Genetic Damage
  3. Contributor to Arthritis and Joint Pain
  4. Increased Incidence of Cancer and Tumors
  5. Interrupts DNA Repair
  6. Weakens and Discolors Tooth Enamel
  7. Neurotoxic for Infants

In 2017 the Fluoride Action Network decided to sue the EPA to ban artificial water fluoridation.  You can read more about this and about the risks of too much fluoride at when you use the site’s search bar to look for articles about fluoride and fluoride research.

It is possible to remove fluoride from drinking water with a drinking water reverse osmosis unit and other filters.

A good read to educate yourself about fluoride is: The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There  by Connett, Beck and Micklem


Another topic is the controversy about use of mercury amalgams in dentistry. Mercury is a neurotoxin. No one disputes that. In spite  their being no safe level of mercury, many dentists are still apathetic about its use in dental procedures! Many people are not aware of and not being told what is being used to repair their teeth or the risks involved in drilling and removing an old mercury amalgam. A partial list of risks follows.

  1. Mercury Is a Neurotoxin
  2. Risk to Kidneys
  3. Risk to Cardiovascular System
  4. Risk to the Immune System

In December, 2016 Dr. Mercola,, reported European Union’s victory in banning amalgam fillings for children and pregnant or nursing women. The items below are from the Mercola website.

  1. Pending formal ratification of its written agreement of December 7, starting July 1, 2018, amalgam use will be banned for children under 15 and for pregnant or nursing women across the vast European Union.

  2. Each of the 28 countries must also submit a plan for how they are going to reduce amalgam use in the remainder of the population. Plans are due by July 1, 2019, and many will likely phase out amalgam entirely.

  3. To speed change in the U.S. and Canada, refuse to use any dentist who still uses amalgams, even if you don’t get them, and demand your insurance company pay for mercury-free dentistry.

We in the USA could benefit from such enactments to protect the health of our children and of our adults.

Inform yourself in order to have the knowledge to make healthy choices. Read what writes about amalgams. Search for holistic dentists who practice biological dentistry. No listing for such has been found for Delaware. Two listings for PA, close enough proximity to Wilmington, are Dr. Donald Robbins, Exton, PA and Dr.Hyo Lim, King of Prussia, PA.

In addition to recognizing how the health of the whole person needs be addressed in dentistry, a biological dentist is trained and certified in using safe technique with equipment that greatly diminishes a patient’s risk to excessive mercury vapors during amalgam drilling and removal. These dentists use material to fill a cavity and material for a crown that is safe and compatible for the individual.

A helpful book is Wholeistic Dentistry by Bette Jo Arnett, homeopathic practitioner and dental hygienist, who writes about integrating the best of conventional and holistic dentistry. She talks about the mouth as a reflection of inner health and about treating underlying causes. There is a drawing of the mouth and teeth indicating which tooth is connected to what energy meridian in the body and information about how a tooth issue can be concomitant with a so – called mysterious ailment in the body. In addition, the book discusses ways you can encourage dentists to integrate holistic concepts into their practices. It is a useful reference with an appendix for holistic dental resources.

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