Top Ten Homeopathic First Aid Remedies

Homeopathy Delaware welcomed Mitchel Shapiro, homeopathic practitioner with over 30 years experience, at its October 3rd meeting. A full house of attendees learned about  the gentle but rapid healing of several first aid remedies which will heal the person in pain or crisis.

Mitchel introduced each remedy, telling about its source, history of use and when and how to use it. This information helped us understand and remember the rule of homeopathy – that in order to heal the person suffering the injury or dis – ease, the individual’s symptoms must be similar to the symptom picture of the remedy. Let’s look at the symptom pictures of some important first aid remedies.

Arnica montana, the queen of first aid remedies, came to be used by country dwelling folks in the very early centuries when, over and over, they observed the mountain goats nibbling the plant, Arnica montana, after a bruising fall. It was Samuel Hahnemann, father of Homeopathy, who prepared it as an ultra dilute and potentized homeopathic remedy for blunt trauma with bruising and great soreness. It is also extremely important for resolving shock and the confusion associated with it.

If someone in this condition ‘sends the doctor home’ – i.e., refuses treatment saying they are ‘fine’ when it is clear they are not, a pellet or two of Arnica montana 30c (or 200c for deeper trauma) will immediately initiate healing of the person’s vital force, vital organs and cellular level processes. The injured person will recover their shock. Hemorrhage, if it is an issue, will be mitigated.  And if there be constriction in the heart causing lack of oxygen, Arnica will begin the recovery from a heart attack while emergency care is on the way. Many people have been grateful they have carried a tube in their purse, in their gym bag and in their car.

Aconitum napellus is a remedy made from Monkshood, a poisonous plant. But prepared as an ultra dilute succussed remedy by an FDA regulated pharmaceutical process, its healing properties are life saving when taken by a person whose symptom picture matches its own. It is brilliant in restoring physical and mental homeostasis for a person or pet who is suffering sudden, violent shock with fear.

Think about when someone has been struck down from lightning or other source of electrical shock – Aconite can save a life while waiting for emergency care. Another picture could be a child who has spent the day playing in the snow and cold wind, who comes down with croup about midnight ( midnight – think of Aconite) and has the look of a ‘deer in headlights’ = fear and tenseness, with restlessness. Aconite 30c will initiate immediate healing, allowing the child to calm and relax, the respiratory tract to relax and open, restoring healthy respiration.

Have you ever been gardening and felt the sudden impact of a speck of something hitting your eye –  catapulted from a nearby moving lawnmower ? Aconite to the rescue here, too, as it is known to be the  ‘Arnica of the eye’ in resolving the trauma and the pain.

Belladonna, a word meaning ‘beautiful lady’ was used centuries ago by women to dilate their pupils, to look more alluring. Its use today, in the medical system of Homeopathy, rivals any cosmetic use. Interestingly, children or adults with glossy eyes and dilated pupils who have a high fever, emanating heat like a wood stove, will need this remedy. Belladonna symptoms, like Aconite, have a sudden onset and are pretty intense. But it is important to distinguish from Aconite in that the person is not fearful and shocky. Instead, you see someone who is spacey, imagining things and sensitive to light and / or noise. There is a red face and red ears often with throbbing head pain, as in heat stroke. Think of Belladonna when these symptoms accompany congestion, ear ache, sunstroke or other such conditions.

Cactus grandiflora is a desert dwelling plant. In homeopathy, the plant tissue is made into a remedy well known for its signature sensation of a tight very constricting feeling anywhere in the body but most notable when it occurs in the  chest area, as if it could be the heart.  If someone describes their chest pain by holding up their clenched fist, think of Cactus. It can save a life if given while waiting for emergency care. This could be another remedy to have in your gym bag or car.

Apis mellifica, a honey of a remedy in the medical system of Homeopathy, is made from the honey bee !  It can be as soothing as a spoonful of honey when used for someone suffering the very painful sting of any bee or even another stinging insect.  You would be looking for symptoms of stinging pain with redness and heat, with swelling and edema. Cold applications are tolerated but not warm ones. In any allergic reaction with swelling, swelling of the throat, hives, anaphylaxis – think of Apis. It is known to be a right sided remedy. So, for instance, if  a person has a painful stinging throat, more so on the right side, with perhaps a swollen red uvula, think of Apis 30c. In stings of insects a 30c usually suffices but in anaphylactic reactions, people have benefited from a 200c or higher while waiting for emergency care.

Carbo vegetabilis is our homeopathic remedy made from oxidized wood ( oxygen is the key here) – it is vegetable charcoal that has been diluted and potentized / succussed. When used for acute indigestion it is cleansing for the digestive system.  It is brilliant in saving lives when used for persons suffering from gas or smoke inhalation and would be a good remedy for fire fighters or other rescue people to have with them. It allows the vital force to re-establish oxygen levels and good circulation. People who will benefit from it have a desire for fresh air and want to be fanned.

Chamomilla, Mitch explained to us, is a remedy known for persons, especially children, who are in incredible pain from the stretching of membranes. Think of ear aches when the ear drum or tympanic membrane is stretched due to fluid and inflammation. Another situation is during childbirth when the cervix and birth canal need to thin, open and stretch. In either case the individual in pain is irritable to say the least – a true Chamomilla characteristic! Given Chamomilla 30c, the subject under duress calms and heals as the inflammation subsides. The birthing mother and baby get to do their dance with more ease and less pain, all in good time.

Hypericum perforatum, a remedy from a plant we know as St John’s wort, has leaves that look stippled or punctured. As a homeopathic remedy, Hypericum is the first responder for puncture wounds of any kind from nails, wires, other instruments, animals or insects – especially if there is pain with infection where the pain sensation travels upward. This remedy has an important affinity for nerves, thus the soothing of great nerve pain when taken by someone who has fallen on their tailbone or spine, crushed a finger, broken a toe or been punctured by a cat, dog, snake or other source. Not surprisingly, it is a remedy that can be taken in a 30c potency for a tick bite.

Ledum palustre is a remedy important to know about in its application for Lyme disease. People who know about Ledum when there is a threat of Lyme disease with initial symptoms after a tick bite, take it in a 30c potency.  Ledum is good to remember in its ability to antidote spider bites.  A characteristic of Ledum which indicates that it can help injuries such as sprained ankles or other injuries is that the affected part of the body feels cold and the pain is relieved from cold compresses. One might think the opposite – that warm would feel better, but not so with Ledum.

Ruta graveolens is a homeopathic remedy sourced from a plant which kindly addresses the pain of injured strained ligaments and tendons. Old foot ball injuries and sprained ankles, pulled backs and over use pain of small joints like the wrist are all good candidates for Ruta – initiated healing. Another condition addressed with Ruta is overuse of eye muscles and ligaments, as in computer eye strain.

In an emergency, a homeopathic remedy can save a life while waiting for or on the way to ER care.  If taking a homeopathic remedy for a non – life threatening injury seek help from a professional homeopathic practitioner if improvement does not occur over 3 days or less.

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