Homeopathy, Resiliency and Your Vital Force

Homeopathy Delaware’s May class about Vital Force, presented by Afreen Kazi, practitioner, involved our active participation as we brain stormed how to understand Vital Force, examples of how it is expressed in living beings, what obstacles thwart our Vital Force and how the healing art of Homeopathy is intrinsically tied to the freedom of expression of our Vital Force.

Vital Force can be understood as that invisible, vibrating energy which gives life to all living beings and organisms.  It is present in the living and absent in the deceased. It animates every part of us – our mental, emotional and spiritual life.

When our Vital Force is functioning well, we live in harmony with the life processes within us and around us.  Not to say that we never meet up with forces or challenges that pose a dis – harmony but that if and when we do, most of the time we have the resiliency to deal with the challenges and are able to maintain or resume balance without creating an ever present disturbance or chronic, debilitating stress.

Suppose a person is driving down the road and suddenly a fast car darts out of a side street crossing its path, causing the person to slam on the brakes to avoid missing it by mere inches.  Both cars continue on their way, unscathed. I was that person – I was amazed that I did not start to tremble or feel the panic of the close encounter with trauma. I was in a good place mentally, emotionally. My Vital Force was balanced to the degree that I was able to just drive on and not give it more attention.  I was actually quite amazed. Compare that with a friend who had a similar experience, who had to turn around to go home, with subsequent anxiety about driving for several days after.

Next think about your child’s first year in day care or school. One virus after another may assault your child and then you as well. For some families there is a break of only about a week before the next onset of fever, nasal discharge, ear infection or cough. Other children in the classroom, exposed to the same virus may experience just a runny nose, resolving the illness well without the need for medicines or days missed from school.

One person lives in debilitating grief for a very long time over the death of a pet. Yet another, though grieving the same loss just as much, is able to move forward, remembering the good times with the pet. One person works for a supervisor who demands perfection and feels anxiety and resentment day in and day out while expressing this stress on the physical level in the symptoms of IBS and migraines.  A co – worker, performing under the same circumstances, is able to meet the challenge and has a working relationship with the supervisor.

In these examples we observe a difference in the ability of the Vital Force to maintain balance. Resiliency varies. But why, and what makes the difference ?  It is about an individual’s  susceptibility. One driver is mentally and emotionally susceptible, the other not. Some children are more susceptible, others not so much.

Our genes play a role in our susceptibility and what happens to us after birth can serve as an ‘exciting cause’ to how that susceptibility plays out in the individual.  Chemical, environmental  and societal experiences can all factor in as ‘exciting causes’ to disturbances on our Vital Force.

Homeopathy plays a vital role in assessing the individual susceptibility of the person who wants help. A practitioner takes into account all of the person’s unique symptoms along with the story about what life is like for that person. A remedy capable of creating a similar symptom picture of the mental, emotional and physical complaints is given in a very dilute but potentized form – a pellet is dissolved on the tongue and healing begins as the energy of the dynamic remedy works gently and safely to rebalance the Vital Force along with our immune system.

As people are treated with Homeopathy we find resiliency is greater, Vital Force is stronger and we are healthier in general – less likely to be knocked off balance. Homeopathy can be ‘insurance’ for a healthier life.

We invite you to attend our upcoming talk on June 5th where Afreen Kazi will speak with us about how homeopathy helps the person suffering from acute skin complaints and how suppressing skin eruptions can create chronic symptoms and a weakening of the vital force. On August 7th, Afreen will discuss how homeopathy helps our children live healthier with less susceptibility to acute and chronic ailments.

We look forward to seeing you there. Come with your questions about homeopathy and the above topics.


One thought on “Homeopathy, Resiliency and Your Vital Force

  1. Peggy says:

    This article was simple, to the point yet gave typical easy and short experiences of what is the vital force and how it works.enough to wet your whistle and curiosity to explore more about Homeopathy. Thank you Alfreen for your time and passion in teChing and sharing your knowledge. Also thanks to all that have giving their time and love in administering our Homeopathy study group. ☮️❤️Peggy D..


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