Homeopathy in Skin Diseases

Skin is the largest organ in the body. It is weighs around 9 lbs and covers approximately around 3000 sq.in. of an average size adult.

It has many important functions like:

  • It regulates the body temperature.
  • It has nerve endings which makes it sensitive to touch, pain and pressure.
  • It acts as protective barrier for micro-organisms.
  • It helps in maintaining water and electrolyte balance.

In Homeopathy, we believe that skin has other functions too. It acts as mirror to internal body. It shows up the internal imbalance occurring in our body.
Wonder how?
One fine morning, while brushing your teeth you see a red bump-a pimple on your face! What do you do?
Put some ointment on it so that it dries off. But, after some days you see it reappear. What is the solution for this??

We got to treat the root cause of the diseases. By putting an external ointment we had just SUPPRESSED the skin eruption and the internal disorder was not corrected.

Eating an unbalanced diet with more of junk food, lack of required vitamins in the body, lack of exercise might be causing some or the other kind of skin eruptions on the body. Being under constant stressful environment, lack of 6-8 hours of sound sleep could also lead to unhealthy skin. Thus, the skin reflects the internal disturbance in our body.

Few conditions which can be treated at home to recover faster are:

Boils – In boils, the skin becomes red, swollen and warm causing pain. Some boils resolve on their own, some do not.

Abscess – It is localized collection of pus, encapsulated in a cavity.

Styes – It is an infected pimple or small boil on the eyelid. After somedays it opens up to let the pus drain out.

Warts – They are over growth of skin cells.

Herpes simplex – It is an infection of skin and nerves caused by a small virus related to chicken pox virus. After 3-6 days of exposure to virus, tiny vesicles appear in groups surrounded by red, angry, inflamed skin. At first, each tiny vesicle is filled with clear fluid, but this may become white or yellow pus. After a day or so, the vesicles pop and merge, which later scabs, eventually dries up and heals.

Ringworm -They are fungal skin infections that result in rough, dry, slightly raised eruptions that occur in circular patches.

Homeopathic Remedies:

Belladonna: The affected skin is dry and hot; swollen and sensitive to touch. Eruptions are red and suddenly spreading. Pustules on face. Indicated in boils, acne rosacea, in suppurative wounds. Alternate redness and paleness of the skin. It acts when given in early stages of infection to abort formation of abscess. Complaints are worse on touch, motion.

Sulphur: Skin is dry and scaly, every little injury suppurates. There is itching and burning; worse scratching. Eruptions especially in folds. Feeling of a band around bones. Skin affections after local medication. Itching worse especially from warmth, evening.

Rhus tox: Itching, burning and stinging of the skin may have a sensation of being stuck with hot needles, vesicular eruption with oozing. Sensitive to cold air. Sensation of as if flesh has torn loose from the bones. Skin is red and swollen. Indicated in herpes. Glands swollen. Cellulitis. Burning eczematous eruptions with tendency to scale formation. Complaints are worse in cold, wet rainy weather and after rain; at night, during rest. Better warm, dry weather, motion; walking, change of position, rubbing, warm applications.

Silicea: One of the best remedy for the boils, abscess, carbuncles and ulcers. Discharges are thin irritating and offensive. Cracks at end of fingers. Rose-colored blotches. Scars suddenly become painful. Promotes expulsion of foreign bodies from tissues. Every little injury suppurates. Dry finger tips. Eruptions itch only in daytime and evening. Crippled nails. Indicated in keloid growths. Complaints are worse at night, cold, touch. Better by warmth.

Lachesis: Affected skin has bluish-purple appearance, very sensitive to touch. Patient is better with discharges. Hot perspiration. Indicated in boils, carbuncles, ulcers. Bed-sores, with black edges. Blue-black swellings. Complaints are worse after sleep, mornings, warmth; better by discharges, bleeding.

Arsenicum alb: Skin is dry, rough, scaling, burning and itching. Eruptions of small red pimples which increase in size and form into ulcerations. The person is restless, fearful, full of anxiety, thirsty and chilly. Complaints are worse after midnight, night, cold and cold drinks. Better by heat.

Graphites: Skin is rough and hard. Indicated in acne. Eruptions, oozing out a thin and sticky fluid. Rawness in bends of limbs, groins, neck, behind ears. Unhealthy skin. Cracks in nipples, mouth, between toes and anus. Burning and stinging pain.

There are many other drugs which are helpful in skin complaints given on the basis of totality of symptoms. People who have chronic skin troubles like frequently recurring eruptions should be taken care of by constitutional homeopathic medicine.

If there is accompanying fever for more than 24 hours with skin troubles, any swelling surrounding the affected skin should be treated immediately as it can lead to sepsis or blood poisoning.

Always take good care of yourself by a balanced diet, regular exercise and learn different ways to handle stress which affects our day to day life. This keeps our body’s inner healing force-Vital Force strong to fight off any disease that attacks our body.

One thought on “Homeopathy in Skin Diseases

  1. Peggy says:

    First I want to thank Afreen for joining our Homeopathy study group. Also, thank you for devoting your time in sharing your knowledge with us and voluntarily teaching us basic applications of homeopathic medicines.
    Your article was brief, simple yet informative.
    I would like to know if you are taking patients/clients? Thank you, Peggy


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