Homeopathy for Illnesses and Ailments of Childhood

Homeopathy Delaware hosted Afreen Kazi at the August 7, 2019 meeting.  Afreen, an experienced educator of homeopathy and practitioner, spoke to an attentive audience –  some new to homeopathy with others having practical experience. Afreen discussed communicable childhood diseases and children’s fears and anxiety along with remedies that can help the individual child. Her discussion helped us all understand the benefits of Homeopathy. 

Homeopathy can be a welcome healer for children of all ages starting from the in- utero period to young adulthood.  Consider the following instances.

  1. Perhaps your child has a common runny nose that is causing fluid in her ears. She is also teething and has a low grade fever at times with fussiness.  A check at the doctor’s office reveals no infection.

You are told to give children’s pain medicine if needed for comfort with plenty of nursing or water for hydration. No antibiotics are given as it has been determined that your child does not have a bacterial infection. Antibiotics do not address inflammation or infection from viruses and if given when there is suffering from a simple viral inflammation can confuse the immune system.  Children’s pain medicines can suppress the brain’s ability to create fever with the chemicals which fight viruses and bacteria. You return home and do as advised to help your child feel better.

But, you may think – is there nothing that is safe to use to comfort my child, give me peace of mind,  both of us more sleep and especially boost my child’s immune system / natural efforts to resolve this ‘dis -ease’ ? 

You will be happy to learn that Homeopathy has a long and safe history of doing all of the above by stimulating your child’s natural defense system to move through such complaints with more ease, healing and resolving not only the physical complaints but also the mental emotional suffering.

The safe, non- toxic, easy to use and purchase remedy or remedies that will help your child can be chosen by you based on your child’s particular symptoms with help from a few good self-help books, local homeopathy education centers or by practitioners of homeopathy. Please reference the end of this article for resources.

Now, consider a few other instances.

2.   Perhaps your child is experiencing his first year of dormitory life, susceptible to the new viruses and home sick to boot. Mom to the rescue with a remedy for the flu-like illness which she chooses based on the characteristic individual complaints of not only the physical symptoms but also the reasons for being so susceptible –  like overdoing, lack of sleep, drinking too much coffee, wanting to be back in the family fold minus the responsibilities of college life. 

The remedy, given in a few doses, gently heals the illness and even more importantly rebalances his vital energy and emotions. The rest of the semester will be easier and more rewarding.

Read on for another.

3.  Your child has fallen on pavement while learning how to use a skate board. You suspect he may have fractured his forearm. You take him for x-ray which shows simple fracture. A cast is applied and he is given pain meds. The pain medication does not agree with him, he cannot sleep and complains of aching in his arm. You have just attended a talk about homeopathy and wonder if there is a remedy that could help the pain of this injury ?

Yes, there is – Homeopathy comes to the rescue once again! Not only will Arnica help the pain and the shock of the injury it will stimulate his immune system’s natural response, augmenting the healing process. Two other remedies, Symphytum and Calcarea phosphorica, are well known in stimulating and supporting the body’s own bone healing mechanisms. The benefit to the child is less discomfort with little to no pain medication, faster healing with a strong ‘knitted’ bone and less time lost from school.

Anything else remarkable that Homeopathy can do to help my child ? Yes, here are yet two more instances.  

4.  Your child has contracted a communicable childhood viral disease called Chicken Pox – many body surfaces are peppered with an oozing, crusty, itchy eruption. Remember the Chicken Pox parties ? Parents knew that a good case of this virus would help boost the immune system, often helping to develop the nervous system.

Homeopathy has a long history of helping children run the course of such communicable diseases with much less discomfort, shorter duration, little to no scarring and rarely any complications.

Once again, the remedy or remedies work well because they are chosen based on the child’s specific individual symptoms – the physicals as well as the mental/ emotional symptoms. Using Homeopathy at home for these problems is well documented in several self-help books on Homeopathy. Local education groups and practitioners of Homeopathy will also support parents. Please see the references at the end of the article.

OK, Homeopathy sounds like something I definitely want to learn more about. Most of the instances given here so far are about physical complaints.

But what about a child who has not had the benefits of early treatment with homeopathy and is showing signs of mental/ emotional, behavioral and learning problems with a pending diagnosis of Autism ? What can Homeopathy do for her ?

5.  Homeopathy shows its brilliance in helping children make great progress in mental /emotional / behavioral problems. A professional practitioner takes a thorough detailed history gathering as much information as possible about mother’s pregnancy, child’s birth, illnesses, injuries, chemical and environmental causes, etc.

One remedy is chosen based on the totality of the most characteristic dynamic symptoms. Over several months the child’s immune system and vital energy find rebalancing and healing giving the child and her parents a new ‘lease on life’.

Realizing the benefits of homeopathy at any age can be prophylactic to developing patterns of acute illness and further chronic illness.

Some less problematic emotional issues for school age children, like anxiety from anticipation or tantrums ( depending on the history of the child ) can be helped by parents at home. Referencing a homeopathy self-help book, attending a local information group or addressing the complaints with a practitioner can all be helpful.

REFERENCES:    A few have been selected.  Many more good ones exist.

National Center for Homeopathy    https://www.homeopathycenter.org

National Center for Homeopathy – Free Homeopathy Academy Webinar Series – to naturally heal your family from a variety of common health issues.   https://www.homeopathycenter.org

Real Immunity   https://www.realimmunity.org

Nature-Reveals.com    https://www.nature-reveals.com 

Homeopathic Educational Services    https://www.homeopathic.com

Homeopathy Delaware    https://homeopathyde.wordpress.com/videos/



Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants by Cummings and Ullman

Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicine by Cummings and Ullman

Homeopathy for Birth and Baby’s First Year by Miranda Castro

Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease with Homeopathy by Kate Birch

We look forward to seeing you at upcoming meetings where attendance and discusssion will help advance your understanding of how to use Homeopathy for simple acute illness and injury.

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