Do You Know This About Homeopathy ?

Homeopathy Delaware hosted Afreen Kazi, homeopathic practitioner, at the September 2019 meeting. Afreen enlightened us with explanations and illustrations of the basic tenants of the system of medicine called Homeopathy.

Have you ever experienced using a homeopathic remedy and a subsequent healing of your symptoms ? Maybe you are curious about Homeopathy or deciding whether to consult a homeopath for chronic symptoms.  In any case, let’s shine a light on Homeopathy to help you see the bigger picture.

Homeopathy is the second most used system of medicine world wide, according to the World Health Organization in a 2004 treatise supporting the use of Homeopathy.  This should cause you to open your eyes and look around.

The next time you visit Washington DC, the Samuel Hahnemann Monument at Scott Circle is wonderful to see and will open your mind with its colorful ceramic mosaic, its thoughtful statue of Hahnemann and its physical ode to the history of medicine in the US. Its erection was approved by Congress and completed in 1900 during the administration of President McKinley who, along with his wife, revered homeopathy.  Complete information and a picture can be found at

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician who witnessed his daughter’s near death from the routine harsh medical treatments of his day, opened his mind and looked elsewhere for ways to heal sick people and understand health and disease.  Ultimately,  Dr. Hahnemann’s curious brilliant mind allowed him to discover and develop Homeopathy.  Like Hahnemann, people world wide, have sought out another way to heal from acute and chronic disease – gratefully they have found Homeopathy.

How Does Homeopathy View an Ill Person?

Mainstream medicine relies on reductionistic thinking, reducing the whole person to a number of component parts. Sick people are referred to ‘specialists’, each peering at the person through a body part or system, never seeing / treating the whole person in terms of his suffering.

However, in Homeopathy, disease is seen as a disturbance of the energy of the whole person – the body-mind. A stressed person feels symptoms in many parts of her body resulting from a disturbance of the balanced flow of energy or life force. Sensations and functions of the whole person, the body and mind, are affected causing expressions of symptoms. For example, cancer is a disease of the whole person, the tumor being a local expression.

How Does Homeopathy Treat an Ill Person?

An outstanding difference between Homeopathy and main stream medicine is the foundation of Principles (of healing) in Homeopathy.  ‘Principles’ refers to an underlying guiding theory, a basic tenet and a fundamental truth.

Mainstream medicine’s drugs make their pharmaceutical debut and are discarded and theories constantly change. Evidence- based medicine is based on …. evidence. But no underlying principles exist concerning the natural laws of health and disease and how to cure the person as exist in Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s work, the ORGANON of MEDICINE, the bedrock of the philosophy of Homeopathy.

A practitioner of homeopathy wants to know what is causing a symptom, why is it being expressed? To suppress, mask or remove a person’s ‘symptom – expression’ of what is underlying their disease without trying to address the deeper cause is to deny the possibility of cure. If a warning light comes on in your car or other mechanical equipment, it is not wise to put tape over the light or over ride the problem by changing the computer code.

By now, perhaps you realize that Homeopathy seeks to treat each person individually. In mainstream medicine, two persons with pneumonia would likely be given the same antibiotic which may or may not help but in Homeopathy we see they are in different states of ‘dis – ease’ and each person would receive  and be healed by a different homeopathic medicine based on their unique whole person symptoms.

How Does Homeopathy Find a Remedy to Treat Each Person Individually?

Hahnemann refined the principle of the Law of Similars which says that the medicine which heals the sick person can cause similar symptoms in a well person. Some may recall their first  inhale of a cigarette and perhaps the nausea and vertigo that they felt from the tobacco.  These symptoms are similar to what someone may experience on becoming sea sick. In fact, in Homeopathy there is a remedy made from tobacco which can be taken to cure the person experiencing this sort of sea sickness.  A person who becomes over stimulated and over excited, cannot sleep could be cured by a dose of Coffea, a homeopathic remedy made from coffee. We are familiar with how coffee can create these symptoms in a well person.

Is Homeopathy Herbal Medicine?

Homeopathy is not herbal medicine.  Remedies are made from natural sources – plants, minerals and animals in FDA approved pharmacies.  Any substance in nature is a potential homeopathic medicine. Very little of the original source material is made into a tincture and is serially diluted many times. At each dilution the liquid is vigorously shaken, or succussed.

The FDA approved processes of dilution and succussion are unique to homeopathy and the pharmacies which manufacture them. This process allows the remedies to be safe, non-toxic and act deeply and gently to heal the person.  Women who are pregnant can be treated with homeopathy with no harm to the fetus, in addition to children and adults of any age.

When Would Someone Use Homeopathy?

Homeopathy and its remedies can be used for any person and any pet while they are alive. There is equality in homeopathy – regardless of gender, race, age or creed, anyone can benefit from homeopathy, including sceptics! Babies and children benefit in remarkable ways and senior citizens find improvement in quality of life.

Pets, farm animals, garden plants and crops are also safely and successfully treated with homeopathy.

Remedies help us heal after surgery and accidents, during and after childbirth, help us with colds, flu and other acute symptoms and can act brilliantly to help a person with symptoms of chronic illness.


No animal testing is done in Homeopathy. Over the past 200 years or more, remedies have been tested through provings by volunteering healthy persons. In addition, remedies have repeatedly shown evidence of their effectiveness to heal the ill person during clinical treatment.

Importantly, there are many published double blind, peer- reviewed research studies for a number of conditions that people and pets experience. Use this web address to the National Center for Homeopathy to read about them.

How does Homeopathy weigh in when we consider carbon foot prints and environmental pollution?  Homeopathic pharmacies do not use chemical processes in the manufacture of remedies. Use of and disposal of homeopathic remedies does not pollute our water systems or soil.

Homeopathic remedies are not anti – bio agents and do not upset the vibrant biosphere of our planet and her inhabitants – this includes all the microbes with which we must dynamically co-exist, inside us and outside us, in order to survive.

Instead, Homeopathy, by its very nature, rebalances an individual’s dynamic vital force along with the internal microbiome.  In addition, when homeopathy is used for livestock, farm animals and crops, it supports bio dynamic farming and helps re establish the vital energy of our planet.

Homeopathy is a heritage of healing for all to discover and experience. To further your knowledge, please join us to view a DVD film about this system of medicine, JUST ONE DROP, to be shown at the Newark, Delaware Senior Center on Wednesday November 16, 2019 at 6:30 PM.

In addition, check out the following list of references.

National Center for Homeopathy

National Center for Homeopathy – Free Homeopathy Academy Webinar Series – to naturally heal your family from a variety of common health issues. 

Homeopathic Educational Services

Homeopathy Delaware


SELF HELP BOOKS: many other good ones are published

Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicine by Cummings and Ullman

Homeopathy for Birth and Baby’s First Year by Miranda Castro


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