A Free Read for You – Homeopathy Today Fall Issue

Perhaps you have picked up an old issue of Homeopathy Today, the National Center for Homeopathy’s publication, at a Homeopathy Delaware meeting and loved reading its helpful interesting articles.

Homeopathy Delaware, an affiliated study group with the National Center for Homeopathy, has received notice of two great offers from NCH.

  1. The National Center for Homeopathy is offering its Fall issue of Homeopathy Today as a free read. It is a Back to School issue which also includes articles about homeopathy for skin ailments, dreams/sleep, animals and more. You can go to this website and read at your leisure the many articles in this Fall 2019 publication: https://lsc-pagepro.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/?i=627478
  2. In addition, NCH is offering a Membership Sale. If you join before October 31, 2019 you will receive 2 months free membership. Here is the web site with the details: https://www.homeopathycenter.org/join

We hope you enjoy reading about the many gifts of Homeopathy and are moved to become a member of NCH which includes many benefits.

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