Eye Care and Homeopathy

Are the eyes the window to the soul ?  Thomas Phaer, a 16th century author, thought they could be.

His quote gives us something to ponder about wisdom, our eyes and our vision. Visual stimuli send messages to our brain allowing us emotional responses which then are very often reflected in our eyes. It is a beautiful process, a gift.

Beyond poetic metaphors are the common and not so common difficulties of the delicate eye tissue we humans and our pets experience.

At our December meeting, Afreen Kazi, Homeopathy Delaware teacher and homeopathic practitioner, discussed some of these more commonly experienced eye and vision problems and the remedies an ailing person might select based on their individual symptoms. Afreen discussed the following conditions –  conjunctivitis, styes, eye strain, blocked tear duct, hemorrhage and cataract.

The following link will give you insight into a few remedies you can safely use at home for certain conditions. If you have no improvement in 48 hours or if your condition worsens seek out a professional homeopathic practitioner, your opthamologist or emergency services.


Another source for eye health which combines the best of alternative and conventional methods is:  The Eye Care Revolution Updated and Revised by Robert Abel, Jr., M.D.

We hope this information is helpful in keeping the window to your soul healthy and vibrant as well as your family and friends and your pets.

For more information about homeopathy, contact the National Center for Homeopathy. https://www.homeopathycenter.org

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