Homeopathy for Arthritis

A big ‘thank you’ to Christine Mercante for talking with us about inflammation of joints (arthritis) and how Homeopathy can help, at Homeopathy Delaware’s March meeting.

Christine led us through descriptions of several homeopathic remedies which have a long history of helping the person with their characteristic pain manage their type of arthritis, lessening or eliminating the use of over the counter or stronger pain medicine.

We often hear about hip and knee replacements being performed due to the pain caused by wearing away of cartilage and the subsequent inflammation. Arthritis of the shoulder is also an issue for many people. In fact, any joint may be afflicted.

Most of the time the joint inflammation is the result of one or more traumas or repetitive over -use where ligaments, tendons and nerves have been and are continuing to be stressed, where there are degrees of improper function of the joint.

Even birth may predispose someone to a future hip replacement, especially if there is a breech birth. It may be years before wear and tear from trauma and even minor displacement becomes painful, at which point an MRI and an X -ray may diagnose the reason for pain.

Some people inherit a susceptibility to joint problems and arthritis where trauma or over- use may cause their arthritis to appear earlier than the over all population.

Even young individuals may show arthritic nodules of their finger joints. Other joints, such as knees, may develop arthritic deformities at an early age as well. In Homeopathy, we see this as a deeper health problem of the person’s vital force, or a Miasm.

It is really good to know that there are several well used homeopathic remedies to help with the inflammatory pain when moving and even when pain is worse from resting or sitting.

When a person matches their pain sensation, along with the things that make their individual pain better and worse, to the symptom picture of one or more remedies, they can find relief and a better quality of life. Homeopathy has been helping us do this for over 200 years.

If you would like to know more about these remedies, click this link which will take you to an article from the National Center for Homeopathy:

If a someone’s remedy selections are not helpful or if there are other complexities to their pain from a deeper health condition, they need to consult a professional practitioner of homeopathy.

In addition to seeking Homeopathy for pain it is important to keep moving to your comfort level. Some of the best forms of exercise are swimming, water aerobics and tai chi. Restorative yoga, stationary up right biking and walking on a flat firm surface are also very good.

Some effective physical therapies are Bowen therapy, myofascial release, osteopathic manipulative therapy and acupuncture. All are able to significantly help with function, pain relief and quality of life.

For more information about Bowen Therapy, plan to attend Homeopathy Delaware’s May 6th meeting. You can read about Bowen Therapy here: http://www.AmericanBowenAcademy.com

In addition to the information in this article you may want to contact the National Center for Homeopathy’s website: http://www.homeopathy.org.

A valuable book about the subject is Homeopathy for Musculoskeletal Healing by Asa Hershoff.

We hope this information has you up and moving again with a renewed vigor for life.

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