Homeopathy and the Corona Virus Pandemic

Homeopathy has an exemplary history of curing humans during epidemics and pandemics as was witnessed in the pandemic of 1918.

With the current CoVid viral pandemic, homeopaths world wide are diligently gathering information to heal the sick and mitigate symptoms which will all help slow and prevent the spread of the rapidly mutating virus.

DO read this update from the National Center of Homeopathy. In their message you will find a few links that will take you to recent webinars by international homeopaths, Jeremy Sherr and Andre Seine.

Dr. Seine’s webinar will be live on March 27, 2020.


Accessing this link, below, for a recent webinar from Whole Health Now, Kim Elia and Sunil Anand, will help you put a reasonable perspective on the current pandemic in addition to teaching you differentials of possible remedies.


We hope you find this information helpful.

Keeping a reasonable mind about the time and circumstances we find ourselves in and following healthy guidelines to take care of yourself will be greatly helpful to all.

We will send updates along the way as the information we receive warrants doing so.

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