Homeopathy and My Trauma Dilemma

This is not about CoVid19, at least not directly. It is about what happened to me today and the choice I made and about morality, legality and my subsequent emotions.

On my late morning drive home I was the first at the scene of an accident where I saw a male road construction worker in his yellow safety vest lying at the edge of the two lane road.

One lane had been blocked off to allow road repairs. It appeared that the downed individual had probably been directing traffic – stopping one lane of cars while allowing the other lane of autos to proceed. It was not a high traffic road.

As I approached this scene I witnessed a man, who I assumed to be the driver of the pick up truck that was stopped in front of me, frantically pacing in circles about 15 feet or more from the downed man, alternately waving his arms in the air and wrapping them around himself. I saw his mouth moving as if he were crying out. He seemed extremely distraught.

I thought that this pick up truck had hit the man lying on the ground. But I do not know this to be true.

Another yellow- vested worker gripped his cell phone, calling 911 I assumed. Frozen in his stance, he stared in shock at his injured co-worker, about 10 feet or more away him.

Two other yellow-vested men, huddled together with shocked pained grimaces, stood motionless 15 or more feet away from the man.

I sat in my car trying to understand what I was seeing. There was something that felt guttural, troubling and wrong about this scene that was more than just the shock of coming upon an accident.

No one was comforting the robust looking man, lying on his back on the edge of the black topped road. I saw his arm move – he was alive. But no one was approaching him, no one was talking to him to reassure him, no one was touching him, not a gentle hand on his shoulder to give him spiritual grounding.

What could I do ? A word came to mind – ‘blanket’ ! When you are in shock you are cold. Searching my visual brain in hopes of a forgotten blanket in my car, I realized I had none.

But on this chilly Spring morning I was wearing a winter coat. I could put it over his chest and tell him he would be OK, that help was coming. I didn’t need my coat back.

Then another word and another came to me – ‘Arnica’, ‘Aconite’! I always carry them with me in my car and in my purse. I could ask for Divine presence, approach him to say that I have homeopathic Arnica and Aconite, safe remedies that could save his life. Would he want me to sprinkle some if he could open his mouth ?

What should I do ? I could sense this large cold space, a circle devoid of life about him that was growing, becoming more and more prominent as if pressing down on him. Oh…! God, yes, CoVid. They, his friends, are afraid to step inside his circle of life for fear of getting contaminated.

But I want to help and comfort this man. I am a trained homeopath for 20 years now… I feel an obligation, a forward motion, of more than one kind, on more than one level to at least offer this help.

Julian Winston, icon of Homeopathy, past editor in chief of Homeopathy Today, once told an audience what he had done on a few occasions when coming upon an injured person. Julian did what I wanted to do, and perhaps a life was saved.

What did I do ? I went cold inside, felt my circulation change. My brain switched. I felt it switch – like a curtain was pulled over my original thoughts and they were parceled away into remoteness. The loaded thought that took over was, “I can pull over in that spot and turn around and go the opposite direction to make way for emergency vehicles.”

Good sound responsible adult thought, right ? It was my way out and my excuse for not following through on what beckoned me to be more human. I was avoiding a dilemma.

I drove home and did the next ‘thing of the day’. I thought about what to have for dinner, deciding to use up veggies in the frig along with the fresh chicken approaching its expiration date. Chicken Soup.

Cutting and chopping was nice, calming. Then, by surprise, waves of sobs began to surge over me as I stared in disbelief at the onion, knowing it really was not the onion causing my weeping.

Tears rolling down my face, I chopped and wept and wondered what happened to that man. Did anyone touch him, give him reassurance, comfort, real human connection ?

If anyone has met with a similar choice about offering a remedy to an unknown person at the scene of a trauma, I invite you to write about it in our blog. Or even if you have not had this opportunity, what do you think you might have done ?

Footnote: Aconite is a well known remedy sourced from the plant, Aconitum. It is diluted and succussed according to FDA approved pharmaceutical manufacturing processes so that no original molecules of the plant remain, allowing it to safely and quickly heal people and pets who are in mental, emotional, psychic shock. It can safely be given at the scene of an accident in a 30c or a 200c and can be given under other circumstances as well.

Arnica, sourced from the plant Arnica montana, is the Queen of Homeopathy’s first aid remedies. It is given in 30c or 200c when there are blunt blows, bruising, hemorrhage, concussion and similar physical trauma. It is the first remedy to think of if there is physical shock. It can save a life – human’s and pet’s. It is manufactured according to the Homeopathic Pharmacopea of the US processes, approved by the FDA.

Samuel Hahnemann, M.D. is the Father of Homeopathy. Born on April 10, 1755 in Germany, he died in 1843 at 88 years of age. He is buried in Pere Lachaise Cemetery, in Paris beneath an impressive large memorial. Another very different beautiful memorial of Hahnemann stands at Scott Circle, Washington, DC.


I am fortunate to have visited them both. I hope you do visit them, as well.

4 thoughts on “Homeopathy and My Trauma Dilemma

  1. Peggy says:

    This is a very good story and question. What would I have done especially during the time of a pandemic.
    My answer would be that I don’t know unless I would have actually had the experience. For me it would be too hard to give a defined answer.


  2. Cara says:

    It’s such a sad thing that no one touched him. It’s not right.

    Thank you for sharing.

    I think more people ought to know that there is treatment for trauma that can be carried around in bags and used in emergencies.


    • Peggy DiLullo says:

      This was a very interesting article. I think until you experience it; you really don’t know what you would do even with all the skills and drills you have under your belt. 🙏❤️Peggy

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