Novel Virus and What Homeopathy Can Do for You

The newest viral challenge is here to stay for a while, we do not know how long. What we do know is how, day to day, this new paradigm in sickness and health makes us feel, not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually, as well.

We hear about it and see it everyday – masked persons, separate entrances and exits, and ‘people -spaced’ lines and events. We dream unusual and disturbing dreams. This is a challenge that engenders our respect and our sympathy. For many this is a stultifying anxiety / fear that feels crippling and paralyzing.

The majority of us fall into the category of no viral infection or manageable symptoms and recovery with subsequent immune system education. This contagion, recovery and immunity is as nature intends.

The people we hear most about are those who do not fair so well, who have underlying medical conditions. Their struggle to recover has no reliable safety net in the form of drugs or mechanical devices.

It is here where we all need to know that homeopathy can make a life giving difference for a mildly ill or a critically ill person with symptoms like the novel virus.

It is here where we need to know that a person first noticing symptoms similar to those of the classic novel virus , who seeks help in choosing the best- suited remedy for their symptoms, has a great chance of ease of recovery and is less likely to progress to stage 2 and stage 3. Homeopaths world wide have witnessed this in the 100’s of cases they have treated.

The world wide network of professional homeopathic practitioners has been able to expeditiously share cases of sick people, creating an international data base of symptoms and groups of remedies which when appropriately used will allow the person to feel better very quickly.

The stories of symptoms and healing in individuals along with stories of healing in small communities /groups of people is heart warming, hope giving and capable of filling one with awe.

Homeopathy works. By its very nature of addressing the individual symptoms of the person and, in epidemics, the pattern of collective symptoms of the larger group of people, homeopathy heals the person.

The natural disease symptoms of the person are matched to the profile of symptoms of the artificial disease found in the homeopathic Materia Medica.

A safe, gentle and highly diluted remedy made from the most similar artificial disease resolves the illness, restores harmony to the whole person, and educates the immune system of the individual, and of the collective group in times of an epidemic near and far.

Homeopathy has been in force and practiced by medical and professional practitioners world wide for over 200 years. Samuel Hahnemann discovered and developed homeopathy on the basis of the laws of nature and the tried and true principle of the Law of Similars.

Hahnemann’s book, the Organon of Medicine, describes, in detailed aphorisms, the nature of disease and the resolution of symptoms of the whole person in times of acute, chronic and epidemic dis-ease.

The following story may be extremely interesting to you. Do be aware that because of the rapid onset and progression of symptoms, persons showing signs of this viral illness should not wait to seek help from a professional homeopath or other medical professional.

If you already have significant knowledge in using homeopathy for acute illnesses, be in contact with your homeopath to learn about a few remedies to have on hand should they be suggested for you, based on those remedies having healed persons with symptoms similar to your own.

We hope to see you either in person or virtually at our November meeting where we will talk more about the people who have become ill and recovered well with Homeopathy.

For more information about homeopathy, visit the National Center for Homeopathy Website:

One thought on “Novel Virus and What Homeopathy Can Do for You

  1. Margaret says:

    Wow!!! I just clicked the link and what an amazing article!! It was long but so well worth the read!!!! The cover up and hush hush cases, and clinical trial that went bad…..OMG!!!
    Using fetal DNA as an ingredient in the vaccines not caring what other diseases and illness you are passing on to the people. Bill Gates making billions more money on donations to the companies to make these vaccines. So much more.
    Thank you for the awareness. God save us from these evil people and corporations!


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