The Ultimate Guide to Health

Homeopathy Delaware presented its first meeting of 2021 on January 6th, via Zoom.

Our speaker, Elle, talked with viewers about some of the most important tenets for healthy living, at a time when we most need this.

Elle clearly presented fundamental and thoughtful messages about how to live to our fullest potential. It was a refreshingly subtle but powerful reminder of what many of us know. Just like a reunion with a good friend has the power to energize us, these messages created a similar space for healing.

We need to eat to survive. But eating is far more than survival. We are what we eat and we cannot be well if we do not eat well. Eating foods ‘close to the earth’, meaning unprocessed foods grown on healthy soil and not chemically altered by pesticides and harsh fertilizers, is a first step in being healthy and dynamic.

We are meant to move, to be dynamic. If you must work in a seated position, it is even more important to exercise many time a week. Exercise fosters a balanced appetite and creates a demand for oxygen which in turn helps regulate a healthy blood cell profile. We feel energized for doing it !

In spite of knowing about healthy food choices and the necessary rewards of exercise, many people experience a roller coaster momentum in doing what will allow them a healthy body /mind.

Elle called on the concept of Energy to pull together her thoughts about the positive / negative ups and downs of living in health. “Everything is Energy!” The energy of our positive intentions, our mindfulness, can move us in a very satisfying way, leaving less room for the intrusion of negative thoughts.

Mindfulness can be as simple as writing down short term and long term goals and writing out positive intentions. It is known that the brain mechanics of writing a positive thought is reinforcing of the behavior of that thought.

Mindfulness, once initiated, expands of its own accord. You may find some sweet things happening. Here is a real life example. Perhaps you are preparing a meal using a few tomatoes, a handful of basil and a generous bunch of kale you have grown in your garden.

Feeling pleased with your harvest, you assemble your meal while reflecting on the soil you prepared, perhaps seeds you planted and the TLC you gave your plants. You pause with satisfaction as you take the first bite.

You are putting positive thoughts /energy into the food and in turn the food you ingest is doing the same for you. Gratitude and thankfulness !

By becoming more positive in our intentions (thinking about what we give out to the universe as well as envisioning what we want to come back to us), we will be more aware of any negative energy around us.

Awareness affords us the opportunity to make choices about how we want to handle things, specifically how we can change negative energy.

Elle spoke about using Sage to cleanse an indoor environment of negative energy. You can smudge the rooms in your home or possibly at work with a dried Sage bundle. A person’s physical aura may be smudged with a Sage bundle. This ritual is practiced by Native American peoples and others practicing Native American spirituality.

It is interesting to note that Hahnemann wrote about healthy living in his treatise on Homeopathy, the Organon of Medicine. Homeopathy and the best remedy could heal his patients, resolve their symptoms. Some people healed faster and more completely than others. He found that unhealthy life style, including negative dispositions, were obstacles to cure.

Aphorisms 260 – 261 in the Organon of Medicine pertain to obstacles to cure. They do not appear here in their entirety.

APHORISM 260 Hence the careful investigation into such obstacles to cure is so much the more necessary in the case of patients affected by chronic diseases, as their diseases are usually aggravated by such noxious influences and other disease-causing errors in the diet and regimen, which often pass unnoticed.

APHORISM 261 The most appropriate regimen during the employment of medicine in chronic diseases consists in the removal of such obstacles to recovery, and in supplying where necessary the reverse: innocent moral and intellectual recreation, active exercise in the open air in almost all kinds of weather (daily walks, slight manual labor), suitable, nutritious, un-medicinal food and drink, etc.

Elle’s presentation of a forum for health was an especially good way to begin this year.

On February 3rd, Homeopathy Delaware will present an equally important and empowering topic concerning Homeopathy and Women’s Health. Please join us on Zoom for this talk and discussion led by Afreen Kazi.


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2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Health

  1. Afreen Kazi says:

    Elle’s presentation was a wake up call on how important it is to be positive. Especially during these difficult times being hopeful and positive are the only things which can take us a long way.

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