Women’s Health and Homeopathy

Homeopathy Delaware held an important Zoom meeting February 3, 2021 about Homeopathy’s help for women’s health, presented by homeopathic practitioner, Afreen Kazi.

It was important in light of women’s health because:

~ Homeopathy is about treating the whole person and not just the disease or the symptoms.

~ Homeopathy is about learning to pay attention to our symptoms and how they are related.

~ Homeopathy is about understanding how symptoms are conveyors of messages about our inner state of health – not just physical but also mental and emotional.

~ In women’s health, especially, Homeopathy is about realizing the mental /emotional nervous system and the hormonal system as being so very connected. We will see this reflected in choosing remedies for women’s complaints.

Author and homeopath, Judyth Reichenberg Ullman has said . . . . ‘The greatest blessing that I have to share with other women is the gift of homeopathy. . . . Every day I see the profound changes that this remarkable method of healing has brought to my patients’ lives. That a form of healing that is so simple and elegant and makes so much common sense to patients can transform lives so powerfully, with doses of natural medicine administered months or even years apart, still boggles my mind almost as much as it does the minds of my patients.’

Afreen helped us understand a few often used remedies for some common complaints. In choosing a remedy it is important to pay attention to what makes a woman feel better or what makes her feel worse. In finding a remedy for an acute problem, taking account of her emotions and mental state as it is different from what she normally feels, is important.

Magnesium phosphoricum – Cramping pain better by pressure and especially WARMTH.

Colocynthis (Bitter Cucumber) – Sharp pain before menses. Pain is better bending double, PRESSURE, warmth. More irritable in mood.

Cimicifuga racemosa (Black Snake Root) – Great loquacity. Depression alternating with excitability. The more profuse the flow the more suffering. Pain in small joints. Pains move from place to place.

Ignatia (St. Ignatius Bean) – Suppressed grief, disappointment. Insomnia from grief. Hot flashes with headache. Menses can be black, too early, spasmodic pains. Better while eating, change of position. Worse in the AM, open air, coffee, smoking, external warmth. Head pain as if a nail driven out through the side.

Lachesis (Bushmaster Snake) – Great loquacity. PMS with irritability, depression, jealousy, headache. Severe left sided headache. Intolerant tight clothing especially around neck. Whole body hot flashes worse night. Pains relieved by menstrual flow. Complaints worse night, during sleep and on waking.

Pulsatilla (Wind Flower) – Highly emotional, weeps easily. Abnormal absence menses. Menses too late, scanty, changeable. Diarrhea during and after menses. Leucorrhea – burning and creamy. Thirstless. Worse warm stuffy room, rich fat food. Better open air, cold applications.

Sepia (Cuttlefish) – Depressed, irritable, indifference to loved ones. Weepy, does not like company. Hot flashes with weakness, perspiration. Feels cold even in warm room. Leucorrhea – yellow, greenish with intense itching. Dry, painful vagina. Repeated yeast infections. Bearing down sensation lower abdomen. Urinary incontinence.

The metamorphoses of menstruation, pregnancy (if that is part of our life) and menopause are powerful and unique processes. The spectrum of changes offers us opportunities, monthly or not, to go within to understand the changes in our energy.

When doing so, we are reintegrating at the mental/emotional level within the matrix of our ‘life -giving’ or ‘life- holding’ woman’s body. Homeopathy can be extremely helpful in balancing us on the mental, emotional and physical levels of our being. Samuel Hahnemann has given us a heritage of healing, a miraculous gift.


National Center for Homeopathy http://www.homeopathycenter.org

Whole Woman Homeopathy by Judyth Reichenberg Ullman

Menopause and Homeopathy by Ifeoma Ikenze, MD

A New View of a Woman’s Body by Susan Gage – not about homeopathy but an awesome book.

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