Animal Companions Live Healthier with Homeopathy

Homeopathy Delaware’s meeting about homeopathy for our animal companions offered a special ‘two for one’ learning opportunity for Zoom attendees. The information Barbara Bason shared about dog and cat acute conditions and the remedies which resolve is totally applicable for us humans.

Our furry 4-legged best friends give us so much. We feel unconditionally loved and our emotional, mental health is enriched. We have been sustained through our isolation and loneliness over the past year by our furry friends.

It is wonderful to know that one way we can give back, with gratitude, is to learn how homeopathy can help help our animal companions live healthier.

Barbara organized her presentation according to the location of the acute condition. Ailments and the remedies which heal were looked at for Skin, Gut, Eyes, Nose, Muscular / Skeletal, Urogenital locations and more.

It was interesting to learn how the same remedies addressed various ailments in multiple locations. A remedy kit of a few of those multiuse or ‘polycrest’ remedies can provide a lot of healing and reassurance.

ARNICA – the queen of 1st aid remedies for any trauma with shock, blunt trauma with bruising, after concussion, after surgery or dental extraction trauma.

A homeopathic ‘mother tincture’ of Arnica can be applied as one drop to an insect sting.

LEDUM– for any puncture wound as in insects stings, bites of animals, punctures from metal, thorns, et al. It can be alternated with Arnica as needed in the case of traumatic wounding from an animal attack.

HYPERICUM – for any lacerated wound where the skin is torn, any trauma to areas rich in nerves ( spine, nails, toes, teeth ). Hypericum ‘mother tincture’ can be applied to gauze to bath the laceration as it heals or dropped by eye dropper or sprayed with a small disposable sprayer. This is true of Colloidal Silver, as well, which is not a homeopathic remedy.

NUX VOMICA – for many digestive upsets from eating garbage, road kill, accidental poisonings, over use of drugs, or bloat, while on the way to a veterinarian. Also for the acute urging and straining of constipation or obstruction of urine, while on the way to a veterinarian

ACUTE / CHRONIC ILLNESS The presentation culminated in looking at how acute illness can be the tip of the ice berg of chronic illness (repeating or constant expression of symptoms) and two important factors contributing to chronic illness

Good nutrition is one of the most important factors for nurturing a vibrant animal companion. Dry food, wet food, knowledgably prepared home cooked food and raw food represent the range of not so good to better food with raw ( prey diet ) being supported as the most nutritious. Nutrition can be the most determining factor in the health of your pet.

Vaccinosis A second important factor is vaccination / over vaccination. Compton Burnett, MD, homeopath who wrote Vaccinosis and its Cure by Thuja realized vaccines can mistune the immune system and the vital force creating acute and chronic illness. He coined the term ‘vaccinosis’.

Today our pets, especially dogs, are subjected to a growing number of vaccinations. It is so important to educate your self about which ones are necessary and to realize annual boosters constitute over vaccination. Read about the research of Dr. Ronald Schultz and the status of vaccines from Read more extensively about this topic in Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs by Don Hamilton, DVM.

Antibody titers can be ordered by a veterinarian to provide confirmation of antibodies to rabies and core vaccinations. Vaccinating an animal with the same disease for which it already shows antibodies can result in a serious acute reaction, may lead to chronic disease or may result in the immune system failing to produce additional antibodies to that disease.

An important 2020 rewording of DE code for rabies vaccination in cats and dogs can be viewed here. This came about after one man’s determined plea to protect dogs and cats from annual boosters / over vaccination after the death of his dog from just that. Delaware Code Online

Lastly, producers of vaccines for our companion animals contraindicate the vaccination of any animal who is not in good health.

Informed Decision It is a good idea to make an informed decision regarding vaccination and other health issues: what are the risks, what are the benefits, what are the alternatives? Understandably, in order to make an informed decision, you must seek valid information and educate yourself. We owe this to our furry best friends.

Chronic Disease Case The ability of Homeopathy to heal our animal companions with chronic disease is remarkable, even when it is serious.

Cybele, a puppy just under one year, stopped eating and drinking over a period of 6 weeks becoming lethargic, depressed and showing weight loss. There was no vomiting or diarrhea. Her stools were marble size balls which were dry and crumbly.

Initially she refused her AM meal and then her PM meal, as well. Different foods were eventually tried with no help. Treats were barely accepted.

A full blood work up was done along with abdominal ultrasound. All results were in normal range.

After a careful case taking and repertorization of symptoms, one dose of Natrum muriaticum 6c was given. There was immediate improvement. Two other doses of 12 c were given. No more remedies were needed.

She remained in good health until after her spay a year later. She recovered well from the surgery having had Arnica, Bellis perennis and Staphisagria.

One month later she showed concomitant symptoms surrounding lack of desire to eat. This time there was occasional vomiting. A new symptom, external inflammation of her left ear, also showed up. Natrum muriaticum was given again but did not help.

Her case was retaken and repertorized. Calcarea carbonica 6c was given and proved to be a helpful remedy. It was interesting that early on, when she was shedding her baby teeth, Calcarea carbonica 6c acted over night to allow two very persistent baby teeth to be shed to make room for the already erupted adult teeth. This saved her from painful dental surgery / anesthesia and saved her humans hundreds of dollars!

Our pets give us so much. Our relationships can be win/ win and love/ love.

Should your pet experience anxiety or upset try these: sitting on the floor with your companion will calm her (and you) and playing with your pet is an important part of their life. All dogs, and cats, need play for mental and emotional health and happiness.

Looking steadily into your dogs eyes as he looks into yours releases oxytocin from his pituitary gland. Oxytocin is the Love hormone – it triggers feelings of love and protection.

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