Acute Bladder Infections Resolve Quickly with Homeopathy

‘Tiz the season of ‘tricks or treats’ and ‘Witch’s magic spells’. But resolving your acute UTI with Homeopathy is not tricky, nor magic. Although, you may think the quick and soothing way the similar homeopathic medicine works for you, magical!

The name ‘UTI’ pertains to symptoms of the bladder, the urethra and possibly the kidney. Maybe you call it cystitis or bladder infection. Both men and women can experience UTIs, although women have symptoms more frequently.

CANTHARIS One of the most notoriously helpful homeopathic remedies for acute bladder symptoms is Cantharis vesicatoria. This safe and non -toxic ultra dilute succussed homeopathic medicine, regulated by the FDA, is sourced from a green beetle of the same name.

I find it helpful to relate a story about a situation where a homeopathic medicine resolved the acute symptoms. The following stories should help you remember the remedies.

Sandy, a health care worker, had done several 12 hour plus shifts in an understaffed facility with barely time to drink or use the restroom, falling into a bed either at the facility or at home, only to return unrefreshed.

An aggressive bladder infection came on in less than an hour, the common sensations of urging and burning being present.

However some of Sandy’s symptoms were characteristic to her in that the urging or tenesmus was extremely intense; the burning was most intense during urination. Each drop passed as if it were scalding her!

She saw blood in her urine with some clots.

She was extremely restless with the intense pain, along with feeling very irritable and angry about the intense work situation.

Sandy went home hoping to find comfort in a warm bath. However, warmth and heat made her feel worse – she was helped only by cold or cold compresses, cool bath.

Being home allowed her time to consult her homeopathy self help book. She decided to use the remedy, Cantharis, as her symptoms most matched those of the remedy.

Because of the rapidity of onset and violence of her symptoms, Sandy decided to take Cantharis 30c, one pellet dissolved on her tongue every 20 – 30 minutes for 3 doses. She felt better after this, noticing that she was calmer, less irritable, the blood in the urine was less, the pain during urination was better but not all gone.

She slept and on waking she felt refreshed, not worse. Knowing not to repeat the remedy while she was still improving, she waited. After a few hours she noticed an uneasiness returning with no more improvement in her pain during urination. She repeated Cantharis 30c twice over the next 24 hours and felt much better. She noticed no symptoms of UTI.

Sandy did have her urine checked (to be sure bacteria and blood were gone) after reporting her experience to her primary care giver, saying that had she not improved after Cantharis she would have called to get professional help with choosing a different homeopathic remedy or an antibiotic if necessary. Her urine test came back ‘clean’ with no blood or bacteria.

Elsa, a homeopathic practitioner, was scheduled to speak at a conference. While in the airport, she noticed that ominous uncomfortable feeling of a slight ache in the bladder area with a slight irritation during urinating. She admitted she was feeling restless along with a bit anxious about getting to her destination and feeling settled.

She quickly decided to access her compact homeopathy travel kit in her carry on bag. She took one pellet of Cantharis 30c and dissolved it on her tongue. Her symptoms were not intense or full blown but she new that Cantharis was a good ‘go to’ remedy for the onset of even mild bladder symptoms.

Elsa’s plane trip was, after Cantharis, not uncomfortable – thankfully!! She actually was able to relax and doze. She arrived, unpacked, had dinner, went to bed and was still Ok, even during urination.

The next day was a full schedule and by late morning she felt an increased sensitivity in her urinary tract along with a frequent desire to urinate which she decided was not due to anticipation. She immediately dissolved another pellet of Cantharis 30c on her tongue. That second dose as it turns out was all Elsa needed to completely resolve her symptoms of UTI.

Not only did her urinary tract feel fine, she felt calmer during the entire conference.

STAPHISAGRIA – This homeopathic medicine is sourced from the plant, Delphinium.

It has an affinity for the bladder with certain characteristic symptoms which often have an etiology of mechanical irritation of urinary tract.

Sally – Sally and her male companion had taken their relationship to a passionate level, spending an amorous weekend together. Sally returned to her programmer’s desk job that Monday.

By mid afternoon she began to feel frequent urges to urinate. During urination she felt pressure on the bladder with a feeling as if her bladder was not emptying. She would have liked to sit in the bathroom longer due to this ineffectual urging but her job responsibilities did not allow that.

When she did manage to pass urine it felt as if a drop of it rolled continuously along her urethra, the short tube connecting the bladder to the outside of the body. The worst burning pain and urging came after urinating.

Sally had a friend at work who knew a good bit about homeopathy and who had helped her with acute cold symptoms. She confided in her, explaining her symptoms along with the possible cause.

Sally’s friend suggested Staphisagria 30c, one pellet dissolved on the tongue, waiting about 2 or more hours to see if it helped and not repeating it as long as Sally was improving. Sally picked up the remedy at a local Natural Food Store and followed her friend’s instructions.

Her symptoms resolved in 24 hours after 2 doses of Staphisagria 30c. She was prepared to consult with her friend’s homeopathic physician had she not resolved her bladder symptoms. Sally was grateful as the antibiotic alternative almost always left her with a yeast problem.

Anita – Anita was scheduled for a lithotomy due to chronic UTI problems which were not always resolved by antibiotics nor always due to bacteria. The doctor thought stretching the urethra would help.

Lithotomy was performed and before Anita had a chance to determine if it was going to be helpful, she experienced burning during urination that was most painful after she finished urinating. This was decidedly different from her chronic UTIs. An added insult was the frustration over the sensation of pressure on the bladder as if her bladder could not empty itself.

Upon contacting her doctor, she was told to pick up an antibiotic at the pharmacy. Already very uncomfortable and very frustrated, with little confidence in the procedure in addition to her history of chronic symptoms which had not resolved with antibiotics, she told her care giver in no uncertain terms she was taking leave from the ‘one size fits all’ conventional treatment. She would be seeing a physician who specialized in homeopathy and individualized medicine.

Anita sought out homeopathy and was soon on her road to recovery for her acute symptoms after the mechanical procedure, lithotomy. Staphisagria 30c, 2-3 doses of one pellet each dose, resolved her symptoms over 48 hours.

Subsequently, Anita made a follow up appointment to pursue homeopathy for her chronic bladder symptoms. Interestingly, since taking Staphisagria she often finds herself not holding back what she wants to say and is a true ambassador for homeopathy.

People who have had catheterization and end up with bladder irritation or infection also benefit from Staphisagria

OTHER REMEDIES – There are several other remedies which can be used for acute symptoms of UTI. A good self help book about Homeopathy or a good source on the internet is valuable in helping to match your symptoms to the best remedy. ( see references at end of article )

Very important in choosing the remedy most likely to help you is noting modalities of what makes you feel better and what makes you feel worse in addition to paying attention to what sensations are unique to you and are not common UTI symptoms. (Burning and urging are the most common symptoms.) Etiology, what you think has caused the symptoms – as in, what were you engaged in before the symptoms came on or what emotions have been bothering you, can be important.

With this in mind here are capsules of a few more remedies it would be helpful to know about.

ACONITE – Symptoms come on suddenly, possibly with anxiety or fear, and often after exposure to cold where you have become chilled. Growing up in snow country I recall my parents and grandparents talking about a ‘cold in the bladder or a chill in the bladder’ when my sisters and I, who wore wool skirts and knee socks ( no tights or long pants ) to school in cold weather, would get an irritated or inflamed bladder.

Another cause can be after a fearful or shocking incident, as after a car accident. It could be that you might come down with a cold or sore throat if the shock causes you to be susceptible or it could be an acute bladder problem. It is all about your susceptibility.

The person needing Aconite wants to be warm and is better from that and is worse from cold.

Cutting, sharp pains, with restlessness and an anxious feeling that you might not get better / you might die can indicate Aconite, especially if there is chilliness, an etiology of fright or exposure to cold weather /air.

APIS – The person needing Apis has violent symptoms of UTI, like when Cantharis is is needed. The pains are not only burning but are most terribly stinging. Apis is made from the honey bee ! Any warmth makes the person feel worse but cold applications, air or a cool bath can make things better. Apis can help a newborn or a mother after labor when urine is not being passed.

NUX VOMICA – Bladder infections in those who benefit from Nux vomica can come on after they have overdone mental work; after over doing things that they think help them unwind such as alcohol, smoking or others, along with a zealous irritable temperament.

Someone with a UTI who needs Nux will most likely be easily chilled and avoid open air. Warmth is desired and helps them feel better.

Nux vomica patients have symptoms showing spasmodic action. So if the urinary tract is their susceptible area, the bladder will be irritable with frequent urging to urinate only to find it difficult due to spasms of the sphincter.

There may be a characteristic symptom of feeling the need to pass a stool during painful urination with spasmodic action of the bladder. It has been said that a person needing Nux vomica is a person who needs attunement, who is suffering from “inharmonious spasmodic action.”

In summation, whether your symptoms of UTI are acute or chronic, Homeopathy offers a safe non toxic whole person approach to complete resolution and feeling better.

In cases of worsening symptoms after trying 1-2 well chosen homeopathic medicines, see your homeopathy care provider or other medical provider. In cases of reoccurring UTIs, consult your homeopathy care provider for treatment.


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