Weight Management and Lifestyle Changes

Homeopathy Delaware’s first meeting of 2022 was broadcast over Zoom on January 5th.

Our presenter, Elle, explored with us how weight loss management (WLM) and lifestyle changes not only complement each other but how WLM truly depends on lifestyle change.

Elle talked about how we often think of WLM in terms of a fresh start which, at this time of the year, relates to the iconic “New Year’s Resolution”.

Throughout her presentation Elle discussed concepts relating to her topic – resolutions, postponement, motivation, goals, failure, success, expectations, negativity, emotional history, self-hypnosis, affirmations, gratitude, consistency.

Anyone who has actively pursued a WLM goal can relate to being motivated, to having the ambition and drive to accomplish.

For most of us it means altering our behavior in the first place with self- hypnosis and affirmations and then being open to learning from mistakes or backslides, not feeling them as failures.

It is not uncommon for negativity, doubts, sadness, lack of confidence to creep into a desired lifestyle change. It can be very helpful to explore your past issues and emotions as some may be deeply rooted around how you were nurtured and how you nurture yourself now.

Remember to celebrate small steps with gratitude – to flow with a nurturing routine of writing and saying grateful, positive affirmations. Posting them in your favorite places in your home is another helpful suggestion.

Seeking help with Homeopathy can also be complementary to working with WLM.

Homeopathic practitioners frequently see patients who come for help with physical complaints revolving around weight management where some of the maintaining cause is unsupportive relationships, very stressful jobs or childhood emotional trauma.

Using the patient’s physical complaints as a guide while understanding those same symptoms in the context of the patient’s overall mental and emotional health, a homeopathic practitioner can find a specific remedy that will help the individual take those steps toward healthy life changes.

Patients speak about having a clear resolve and an enhanced energy level in addition to fewer chronic physical complaints.

In this way Homeopathy speaks to the fresh starts of a new year and to the never-ending possibility for change, rooted in the resiliency of the human spirit.

Here is an overview of a case of a woman who sought homeopathic treatment for weight management and eating disorder. Tula came with various problems. She described herself as a past binge eater. More recently she has been finding herself not able to easily swallow food, resulting in gagging and choking with possible vomiting. Her weight has dropped more than what is healthy for her.

Her neck was painfully tight most of the time but especially when she was not able to swallow. The swallow / gagging problem coincided with the worst of the sharp pains and constriction in her neck. She found she needed to rely on muscle relaxers, which did not work that well. Tests and imaging revealed no pathologies. She did see a chiropractor for her neck.

When asked about her life and relationships she said she had found herself in two stressful jobs where she felt she could not speak to human resources about work related injustices. She spoke about an emotionally abusive mother who in her words ” since I was a young child dwelled on making me feel diminished and horrible about myself, never having a kind word to say, always being critical.”

When asked how she reacted to that she said she always tried so hard to please her mother but it never helped anything. She then said she had “married her mother” and proceeded to talk about her husband who micromanaged her while demanding her constant attention and perfection in pleasing him. She was constantly in the house with him since the onset of the pandemic.

At the suggestion of the practitioner, Tula agreed to close her eyes to see and feel herself eating a meal with her mother and husband. She talked out loud about the meal and about what was happening, what she was feeling.

She said she did not feel free to join in their conversation because she knew she would be ‘put down’. She could not ‘get any words out’ and she could not get the food down.

Her neck and throat were so constricted she felt choking coming on. As she talked through this scene, feelings of disgust, loathing and indignation could be heard in her voice, especially when she described the gagging.

The picture of not being able to nurture herself with food, first with binging and recently not being able to swallow, became clear. Also clear was her anger and indignation at the two people in her life by whom she felt constricted, mentally and physically.

Tula’s characteristic symptoms repertorized to be similar to a remedy well known for its proving / Materia Medica profile. Since taking that remedy she is able to nurture herself with food and in other ways as well. She is exploring how to be in relationship with her husband. Her mother is now deceased.

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