Homeopathy for Hemorrhoids, Fissures and Fistulas

Homeopathy Delaware zoomed the February 2022 topic with Afreen Kazi, homeopath, presenting descriptions and symptoms of hemorrhoids, fissure and fistula along with remedies for healing.

It was a topic very worth listening to as hemorrhoid disease is reportedly the fourth leading outpatient gastrointestinal diagnosis. About 1 in 20 people in the US suffer with it. It has a high impact on one’s quality of life.

Predisposing Conditions: Pregnancy, straining, diet low in fiber, sedentary lifestyle or anything that weakens supporting tissue can predispose one to hemorrhoids or piles.

Homeopathy: Homeopathic remedies for the person suffering with hemorrhoids have proven helpful in fully resolving the pain and the weakened rectal tissue – swollen blood vessels. What a relief to know this!

Some Remedies:

Aesculus (Horse Chestnut) – a sensation of sharp sticks in the anus, little blood and with possible chills up and down the back may lead you to try this remedy in a 6c, 12c or 30c potency.

Aloe – external grape like hemorrhoids along with abdominal rumbling and violent urges to pass a jelly like stool may call for this remedy in a 6c, 12c or 30c potency.

Collinsonia (Stone Root) – constipation during pregnancy with itching, bleeding painful piles that have a sensation of sharp sticks may cause you to choose this remedy especially if the constipation alternates with diarrhea. Potency as above.

Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) – itching, burning, soreness at the anus with profusely bleeding hemorrhoids, along with hard mucous covered stools may lead you to take this remedy, especially if the pain is better from warm applications. Potency as above.

Pulsatilla (Wind Flower) – itching, bleeding piles accompanied by sticking pain, along with constipation and or diarrhea may call for this remedy, especially if the pain is better cold applications. A person needing Pulsatilla usually experiences characteristic changeable symptoms. Potency as above.

Ratanhia (a small shrub) – this remedy is well known for piles accompanied by fissures with the extremely painful sensation of splintered glass. There is ineffectual urging to stool with blood. The person and symptoms are helped by warm sitz bath soaks. Potency as above.

Sepia (Cuttlefish) – this remedy is often helpful when there is constipation during pregnancy with ineffectual urging even though there is soft stool – soft stools pass with difficulty. The sharp pain of the bleeding piles shoots upwards. The person and the pain are better exercise, after sleep and from hot applications. Potency as above.

In cases of external hemorrhoids and anal fissures, soaks of plain water sitz baths prove helpful as the warmth brings blood circulation to the area.

FISTULAS are tunnels in the tissue. ‘Fistulous borrowings’ can result from abscesses, boils or old fistulous ulcers. An anal fistula is an infected tunnel between skin and anus.

FISTULA CASE: I was consulted by an individual whose job required hours of sitting in a poor position on a moving piece of equipment.

For months they had self-treated what had now become an abscess of the perineum adjacent to the anus. Because of the job situation it kept returning.

I took the case, deciding on the remedy Silicea, a well known remedy for boils, abscesses and even fistulas. At the follow up visit it was clear another remedy was needed.

I carefully listened to them tell how they had responded to Silicea, how they were feeling now, what made their peculiar symptoms better and worse, along with any concomitant symptoms they were experiencing.

This 30-something individual said they had recently had two weeks of eye inflammation, which I visually verified, that felt like a speck of dirt in the eye.

Knowing I would need to find a new remedy, I asked about dreams. “Ohhh, they have been hard to have. I have been in situations in my dreams where I probably am going to die. I dread going to sleep. They are too real.”

They then sheepishly said they should have returned sooner because the abscess felt like it had formed a fistula into the rectum. “It is worse from sitting, that pressure of sitting on my equipment, and now it is worse when I walk. I have to walk like a new cowboy who has been on his horse non-stop.”

I decided on the remedy, Paeonia, based on the above three distinct symptoms – a solid 3-legged stool.

The Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica by John Henry Clarke describes Paeonia as indicated for painful ulcers, oozing offensive discharge on the perineum. The person is worse for walking. Clinically it has been used to heal fistulas of the anus.

It also describes eye inflammation, conjunctivitis, with the sensation of sand in the eye.

The dreams of Paeonia can be terrifyingly fearful, about death or dying. Interestingly, this young person had experienced a terrifying near death just a year or two earlier. Only by a miracle did rescue come in time.

(I remember thinking when I first took their case, hearing about this terrifying near-death, they needed to have taken Aconite.)

The patient took Paeonia and got better in all ways. The abscess, fistula, eye inflammation and dreams all resolved. The remedy was repeated months later for what felt like a return of inflamed skin at the perineum.

It is interesting to note that the remedy, Paeonia, is made from the tincture of the fresh root of the peony plant, dug in Spring. In Autumn the root is said to be inert.

Paeonia belongs to the large order Ranunculaceae, which includes Aconite. All the more interesting that Paeonia resolved this person’s physical pathology and their emotional pain!

To read another wonderful case of resolved anal fistula using Silicea, in a 2 year old child, click the link below.


When treating yourself at home for simple acute illness, choose the remedy that best fits your symptoms.

Use a 6c, 12c or 30c potency over 1-5 days:

6c 2-3 times a day; 12c 1-2 times a day; 30c once, one day.

If you feel better and then symptoms return, it is best to contact a homeopathic practitioner. There are many remedies that can heal the individual suffering from hemorrhoids – your practitioner will be able to find the best one for you.

[The above information does not take the place of professional medical care. If not better in a few days, consult your professional homeopathic practitioner or other medical practitioner.]

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  1. Peggy says:

    Afreen did a wonderful presentation. There was a lot of useful information presented clearly and I thought was easy to understand.
    Thank you all, Christine, Barbara, Elle, Afreen) taken your valuable time and effort to put this presentation together for the study group.


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