Hope, Homeopathy and the Epidemic Novel Virus

Two years ago, the world found itself in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis. Media messages spread anxiety and fear on far reaching flames. No one has been immune from the butchering of the world economy along with the social psychological trauma which continues both blatantly and insidiously since the onset of CV -19.

BUT, here’s the Healing and here’s the Hope!

In every nation, world- wide, homeopathic medicines are healing people who are ill or have been ill with CV-19 virus, or who are not feeling well since having received CV-19 injections.

And people exposed to CV -19 are able to make an informed choice about prophylaxis – to educate their immune system with a homeopathic medicine.

Homeopaths have healed people during epidemics using the same methods for nearly 200 years.

Here is the 3- step process from the “Outline of the Organon of Medicine” compiled by Julian Winston, lines 100 – 102.

  1. Take cases of many people suffering from the contagion.
  2. Sift out the general symptoms.
  3. Carefully note the peculiar symptoms in each person’s case, as these will lead you to the final choices for ‘Genus Epidemicus’ medicines. Choose the most similar homeopathic medicine for the individual- the most similar one will resolve the illness for each person and those in their community.

From the onset of CV, homeopaths world- wide have shared cases and researched effective medicines, creating a dynamic data base. Regardless of CV virus variations, individual healing continues. Homeopathy heals the person!


A few homeopathic medicines are most often needed by people suffering from CV -19. It is wise to have them on hand.

BRYONIA 30c and 200c – generally, the most similar, compatible medicine

General flu like symptoms can vary: sore throat; headache; body ache; fever; GI symptoms; brain fog; unusual fatigue; cough; chest tightness.

Peculiar symptoms lead to the choice of Bryonia. Worse from moving; person wants to be left to rest in a quiet dimly lighted space; thirst at long intervals for large amounts; desire to take deep breaths; loss of taste or smell. It is the peculiar symptoms of a medicine which will help you choose the best one for you.

The sooner the medicine is taken the greater the ease of recovery. If symptoms are mild, 30c has shown to be helpful when taken over the course of a few days. If symptoms are more exaggerated, 200c taken 1-2 times a day until better has been shown to be deeper acting, resolving the illness without sequelae.

One – two pellets on your tongue. If you are better, wait to see if symptoms worsen before taking another dose. If not better in 1-2 hours, you may need another remedy. A homeopathic practitioner needs to be consulted if your symptoms are more than mild.

ARSENICUM 30c and 200c

General flu symptoms like those above.

Peculiar symptoms lead to the choice of Arsenicum. Fear; anxiety with restlessness resulting in prostration; worry about trifles; desire for someone to be close by; desire for small sips of fluids at short intervals; burning sensation in any affected part of body that feels better by heat; generally, person feels very cold; loss of taste and smell.

Dosing with a 30c or 200c is as above. Consult a homeopathic practitioner if your symptoms are more than mild.


General flu symptoms like those above.

Symptoms, peculiar to the person, lead to the choice of Phosphorous. Laryngitis; loss of voice; cough may be worse talking; chest tightness/ heaviness as if something heavy sitting on chest; blood tinged mucous in nose or chest; desire for cold drinks; loss of taste or smell.

Dosing with 30c as above. Consult a homeopathic practitioner if your symptoms are more than mild.


China 30c can be a good medicine at the onset and also for those who have transited through the most dynamic stage of the illness, who are experiencing weakness during convalescence. Symptoms can include little appetite; tiredness; cough and loss taste/smell. There can be a feeling of depletion, apathy.

More specific, peculiar symptoms are bursting throbbing headache; sensitive to touch but hard pressure relieves; aversion to meat.

In active stage, one pellet China 30c. If better, repeat as symptoms return. If not better look at another remedy.

In convalescence, one pellet of China 30c, one time, with waiting to see how you feel in 24-48 hours is the best plan. No additional pellets needed as long as improvement continues. Remember… the magic of the minimum dose! Consult a homeopathic practitioner if your symptoms are more than mild.


This remedy has gained importance for use in any stage of the virus where there is similarity to the symptoms of the individual.

The familiar symptoms of fever, cough and aches are present.

Symptoms, peculiar for the individual, are a feeling of not getting enough oxygen / air hunger / a sense of suffocation. They are better for open air; may be blueness of fingers and around eyes with a pulse-oximeter showing below normal readings; cramps in cheeks and toes; clenching in jaws.

What makes this medicine stand out is the person’s apathy and indifference along with unusual fatigue and extreme sleepiness. Consult a homeopathic practitioner for help if you have similar symptoms.

**More remedies are listed at the link to the mini repertory you will find below.


Samuel Hahnemann found that during an epidemic, one or more of the Genus Epidemicus medicines could be helpful in educating a person’s immune system. The most well-known example is Hahnemann’s prophylactic use of Belladonna for a scarlet fever epidemic. Prophylaxis / immune education with homeopathic medicines has been used over the past 200 years during times of epidemics, as well as during the most recent viral illness.

Many people, exposed to CV, found one pellet, one time, of Bryonia 30c or Carboneum oxygenisatum 30c provided prophylactic immune education.


Individuals suffering with acute or chronic symptoms, or an exacerbation of a presiding chronic state, following CV injections are also experiencing healing with the help of the most similar homeopathic medicine. People who are seeking such help need to be working with a professional practitioner of homeopathy!

The allopathic drug can be the exciting cause, in a susceptible individual, for peculiar acute symptoms, new chronic symptoms or more complex and confounding symptoms.

In most cases people do not associate the connection between any sort of drugging and the often-insidious development of troubling symptoms.

One can look to Samuel Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine for a perspective on allopathic drugging of all kinds.

From the “Outline of the Organon of Medicine”, composed by Julian Winston.

  1. New diseases can join older diseases and become complex. Neither removes the other.
  2. Heavy drugging with allopathic medicines leads to an artificial drug disease and makes it into a chronic problem.
  3. Two dissimilar diseases can exist in the body at the same time.

Once again, homeopaths have been working diligently at finding homeopathic medicines which are healing the individual who is suffering since the jab. Consult a professional homeopathic practitioner soon if this applies to you.


It is very important to be in touch with a professional homeopathic practitioner during your illness. Do not wait to seek help. Tele consults can be done with access to medicines made available.

Get help in choosing a medicine as soon as symptoms first appear. The most similar homeopathic medicine works quickly. Accurate and early intervention with the most similar homeopathic medicine will greatly lessen the likelihood of developing more serious symptoms.

Have a pulse-oximeter devise on hand to check your oxygen levels.

The following resources will help you if you do not have immediate access to a professional homeopathic practitioner.

COVID-19 (hpra.co.uk) – a mini repertory self-analysis

Homeopathyhelpnow.com – a homeopathy task force for individual help, formed during the health crisis, serving thousands

The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not take the place of the care of a qualified medical professional.

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