Homeopathy’s Place in the Royal Family

With the coronation of King Charles III just a few days behind us, there is more focus than usual on the life and times of the members of the Royal Family.

We who depend on homeopathic medicines to heal us have more in common with the Royal Family than we thought.

Did you know this family has used homeopathic medicines for generations? Not just the family proper, but also their relatives in many countries in Europe.

The closest encounter I’ve had with the Royal Family was at a National Center for Homeopathy Conference dancing with Dr. R.W. Davey who was then the personal physician in homeopathy to Queen Elizabeth. Quite fitting that it should have been on the terrain of homeopathy!

So, read on and enjoy this piece about the history of homeopathy within the circle of Royals in England and Europe.

Homeopathy: God Save the Queen’s Medicine – Dana Ullman (hpathy.com)

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