Homeopathy for Your GI Problems

Ever see one of the TV insurance commercials showing a strange, rare and peculiar catastrophe where the agent says “we’ve seen just about everything” and “we have you covered”.  Well, homeopathic practitioners commonly hear about peculiar symptoms, even strange and rare ones.

Very often such symptoms relate to the digestive system just because the GI tract includes so many organs, so much territory in the human body.

Straight forward complaints of abdominal cramping and diarrhea, for example, can turn out to be much more, including strange and rare symptoms, when a homeopathic practitioner listens to the ailing individual.

Homeopathy treats the person, not the disease, so a lot more information about the patient is essential. When the similar remedy is given, based on the suffering individual’s characteristic symptoms, the person is cured as well as the disease.

During the case receiving, the practitioner will want to know more than just the chief complaint. For example – in what part of the abdomen do you feel the pain; if the pain extends, tell me about that; is there a timing or pattern to the pain and the diarrhea; tell me more about the sensation of the pain; what makes the pain and /or the diarrhea better and/or worse; what color and or consistency is the diarrhea; what other symptoms might you have, concomitantly, even though they seem unrelated to your pain or discharge; what has been happening for you that could have a relationship to your symptoms ?

It’s kind of like, ‘we have seen just about everything’ so don’t hold back or be embarrassed.

The story is in the details, and the details hold value for the practitioner who will research them in the homeopathic repertory, a ‘finder’ book. Usually, the more rare, strange and peculiar they are, the more straight forward is the path to finding the similimum (the similar remedy).

You could even hear exclaimed,  “I’ve found it !” (the description of the strange, peculiar symptom). There before them, in Kent’s Repertory, is a description that compares to what the sick person has told them – STOOL, Chopped, like spinach ( 4 remedies appear in Kent’s repertory); or STOOL, Green, like scum on a frog pond ( 4 remedies appear here as well). In fact, there are about 80 main rubrics in the STOOL chapter with many more detailed sub rubrics.

How about the rubric RECTUM, Diarrhea, after suppressed eruptions ? Would many people be aware enough to realize the cause and effect ?  Suppression is a big deal. The suppression of eruptions, in addition to discharges, can cause deeper more serious illnesses, and that is another whole topic in Homeopathy.

So you see, going back to the insurance advertisement, the adage ‘we’ve got you covered’ applies quite well in Homeopathy !

But that is only the short of it. Several more chapters in Kent’s could be useful in finding the rubrics and the remedies that relate to the individual with GI problems. You might look in anyone of or all of the following –  MOUTH, STOMACH, ABDOMEN, RECTUM, STOOL and don’t forget MIND since our mental emotional state has such a significant effect on our gut and vice versa. Here is one that relates. RECTUM, Diarrhea, battle, on going into – just one remedy in Kent’s. Apply a little analogy here and this rubric with its remedy could have other similar applications.

Now it’s your turn. Provide yourself with a little homeopathic health insurance – let your fingers do some walking through the RECTUM or STOOL repertory pages and see what interesting rubrics you can find that could be just what you need to know some day.

In the meantime, here are a few cells salts discussed at the March meeting of Homeopathy Delaware’s presentation of Homeopathy for GI Problems. There is that term, ‘cell salts’, again. For all useful purposes, cell salts are none other than very low- potency dilute and succussed preparations of mineral salts or minerals. As with all remedies, they become homeopathic only when they cure the individual’s dis-ease according to the Law of Similars. Remember – ‘homeo’  ‘pathy’ means similar suffering.


Silica 6x –Super firm large stool; bashful stool ( stool slides back), bloat and head pain with any GI symptoms. (But it is not unusual to have head pain with constipation as toxins are not fully eliminated.) Generally, worn down persons, delicate or frail persons, snappish, obstinate with lack of ‘grit’.

Natrum sulphuricum 6x– Indigestion, nausea, headache with constipation. Over indulgence of any food leads to constipation; diarrhea especially in AM; diarrhea with flatus, worse from vegetables, bread, sweets, acid food; yellowish stool (GB does not excrete as much bile. Natrum sulph has an affinity for the Liver / GB); abdominal rumbling; constipation after meds. Great size of fecal mass. Generally, may feel every change from dry to wet weather. Affinity for GI system and urinary tract.

Natrum phosphoricum 6x – Antacid type of remedy. Conditions often resulting from too much sugar. Strong sensation of heat in the stomach. Sour risings / heartburn after eating; acid stomach.  Indigestion worse from fats, cold drinks, milk, sour food; Alternating constipation /diarrhea; Acid stool may burn rectum and bottom. Generally, may be fearful, indifferent, easily startled.

DOSE: 6x pellet on tongue every 20 minutes for an hour for relief. Stop as soon as better. If no better after an hour, you need a different remedy. Use = occasional GI distress. Do not treat yourself for a pattern of chronic symptoms. You can worsen with continued/ frequent use of any homeopathic remedy.  Seek professional help.

Here are a few more remedies in 6c or 30c potency for constipation or diarrhea. Most are from the Plant Kingdom.

CONSTIPATION– use a 6c or 30c

Nux vomica (Poison Nut) – Strain/pass little; ineffectual desire; can alternate with diarrhea; after rich, spicy, sweets, alcohol, as in over indulgence on holiday; after medical procedures with anesthesia; after medications including laxatives; cramping; impatient, over- doers.

Lycopodium (Club Moss) – Constipation with little urge; abdomen distended with gas, pass gas; bloat, gas, burp after even small meal, even before leave table; loosens belt buckle; worse pressure on abdomen/gas; worse 4-8 pm; constipation when away from home; generally, may have constant fear of breaking down under stress, domineering. Affinity for liver.

Pulsatilla (Wind Flower) – Complaints from rich food; indigestion after meal; food sits like stone in stomach; worse fatty rich; may feel nausea; crave butter, cheese, fats; thirstless. Generally, mild, irritable, weeps easily, better open air.

DOSE:  A 6c can repeated, if needed, 3 times over an hour, then wait for improvement.  A 30c can be repeated, if needed, in 4 to 6 hours and then wait for improvement. Refrain from treating chronic patterns of symptoms.

DIARRHEA- Know when to see doctor. Acute diarrhea may include sudden severe onset, fever, rectal bleeding / bloody stool, nausea, vomiting, involuntary weight loss.

Arsenicum album – Food poisoning, even flu with these types of symptoms; forceful diarrhea and / or vomiting; chilly, exhausted; even vomit small sips H2O; burning with passing stool like Natrum phosphoricum; worse night, especially around 1-2 am; restless, fearful, anxious.

Veratrum album (White Hellebore) – Explosive diarrhea and vomit same time, like Arsenicum with even greater volume; chilly and exhausted; cold clammy sweat over the entire body. Fright or shock of injury may be a cause.

Podophyllum (May Apple) – Rumble / gurgle just before watery explosion all over bowl and one’s bottom; painless, profuse, may be jelly-like mucous; summer diarrhea, after acid fruits; worse early morning.

Nux vomica (Poison Nut) – Complaints from TOO MUCH = tension, mental work, food /drink, coffee, drugs; heartburn, nausea, irritability, bloat, gas, back ache especially with stool; diarrhea after a debauch,  drugs.

DOSE: Diarrhea, a more urgent condition where the vital force is in a more dynamic state, may need more frequent repetition of dose. One pellet on the tongue; if better- wait repeating if symptoms become worse again. If after 2-3 doses of the remedy if you are not better, choose another remedy or seek professional help.

In addition to remedies, get to know yourself better inside and out – what foods sustain you, what deplete you; what life style both energizes and restores you? Talk with others and know that you are not the only one who experiences dis- stress. Find help through caring, supportive and knowledgeable people.

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  1. Virginia Gentile says:

    I was unable to make class cause if too many things scheduled yesterday, had stomach pains and vomiting just liquid all day. I think reading this stomach info I found my remedy. I really needed to make this class.

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