INFLUENZINUM – Educate Your Immune System for Flu Protection

If you are looking for a way to educate your immune system to stimulate your energy to fight the flu, should you be exposed, consider Influenzinum.  The remedy is manufactured by pharmacies of Homeopathy, regulated by the FDA, and is made with the same strains of flu that make up the current season’s flu solution for injection. 

However, Influenzinum differs in several ways from the ‘injectable’ – one being that it is prepared by a process of dilution and succussion (potentization). This means that the final preparation contains the  dynamic energetic imprints of the original flu strains. It does not contain the toxins mercury and aluminum nor other ingredients with potential toxicity. It is taken by mouth, not injected. It is safe for all ages, for pregnant women and infants – it does not carry risk of side effects. It affords natural immune education protection for the flu strains from which it is made.

Most homeopathic pharmacies stock the current season’s Influenzinum by October. Be sure to ask for and order Influenzinum for the current season – this year will be the 2018 – 2019 flu season. This remedy is prepared in various potencies. Many people choose to order Influenzinum 9c, following the  protocol of dissolving 5 pellets on the tongue once a week for 4 weeks; then 5 pellets on the tongue once a month until the end of flu season.

More about individualized remedies for the person suffering from coughs due to flu or colds is upcoming at our Homeopathy Delaware February 2019 meeting. Come learn more about natural health care with homeopathy.  We look forward to seeing you there !

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